An isle of treasures,
old and new

Where beauty is found in the most unexpected places, where tranquillity can hide amidst the busiest bustle, where joy abounds in the simplest discoveries and in sights so majestic it takes your breath away. Where memories left behind from a past, thousands and hundreds of years ago, linger and greet you…

Come, explore our ‘golden isle’ with us.

Sri Lanka awaits you

Discover the undiscovered

From glorious beach hideaways to magnificent rock fortresses; from towering ancient pagodas to little village temples; from vast gatherings of elephants to a solitary stalking leopard; from tastes hitherto unheard of, to rhythms that capture your soul…

A taste of intrigue

Murder on the Orient Express

Not quite, thankfully; but a mystery nonetheless, and one definitely more palatable – an experience equally memorable, perhaps even thrilling. It happens on a journey right back into the grand old era of steam. To the days when the huffing and puffing ‘iron devils’ or ‘Yakada Yakas’ as they were known, rode majestically along the tracks surrounded by clouds of smoke, like storming dragons on a mission.

Little island

Big Possibilities

Over the past decade we have earned a reputation for being a little out of the ordinary. A little daring, and more than a little exciting in how we handle our MICE. In fact, we are known to be a little extraordinary in the choices we offer, and how we take the time and the care to make sure that each little thing is done just right.

Our little island offers big possibilities whether you are planning to host a small meeting, a large conference or a grand exhibition – and we make the best of them, to bring you the best. To do so, we combine the intimate knowledge we have of our country, the experience we have gained as an expert travel agency, the strong relationships we have built with our suppliers and the vast network of connections we have – both locally and internationally. So the services we offer aim to meet your exact needs beyond expectations.

Essence of

Beautiful Beaches

Serendipity in

Nature & Wildlife

Beyond a

Rich Culture

The wonders of the past – if they beckon you, Sri Lanka will take you back 2000 years and more into the heart of a rich and diverse heritage. A land where lost cities, ruined temples, sacred caves and ancient rock fortresses defy the tests of time, and history lives on in age old traditions.


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Roads less travelled

We took the early morning train from the Fort railway station to our final destination of Jaffna town. The journey itself was smooth with winding tracks taking you through the central part of the country…

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