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Golden Isle Travels

Born out of a life-long desire to unveil the beauty of our treasured island home with the world, we began our journey as Golden Isle Travels, two decades* ago. Reflecting the passion of our founders Mrs Paddy Paul, and a hotelier partner – both respected veterans in the Sri Lankan Tourism industry, the company focussed on creating a crafted, curated product to meet individual needs. The goal to be distinctive, to stand apart from the rest and be identified as a destination specialist with a difference is a philosophy, we continue to follow.

It is our firm belief that a dream vacation cannot be copied. So, we see each inquiry we receive with fresh eyes; see it as an opportunity to share the wonders of our island in a unique and unforgettable way. To do so, we have gathered what we call our ‘box of treasures’ – little gems we have uncovered during our extensive forays around the island in search of them. As we do not imitate, or follow the paths well worn, we have the flexibility needed to provide once-in-a-lifetime journeys to each of our guests.

Mrs Paddy Paul – the continuing strength and the driving force behind Golden Isle today, is renowned for the innovative MICE programmes she creates and respected for the improvements she initiated in that sector. Her experience and expertise in the MICE sector is unmatched in Sri Lanka. She is ably supported by a dedicated team who follow her ethos of being ‘hands-on’ and personal. From the first inquiry to the last goodbye we ensure that every request is met to the best of our ability, every detail is attended to, and every journey and experience is a lasting memory made.

Reasons to choose

Golden Isle Travels
  • We’re totally reliable
  • We’re highly creative
  • We’re very adaptable
  • We believe in being unique
  • We’re always flexible
  • We have decades of experience
  • We offer proven expertise
Member of Ovation Global DMC

Board member SLAPCEO (Sri Lanka Association of Professional Conference, Exhibition & Event Organizers)

Board member Tourism Skills Council

You Dream We Deliver

We aspire to create an environment be it meetings, incentives, conferences or exhibition (MICE) and curated experiences using the diversified terrain of Sri Lanka.

We strive to provide

Truly Unique Experiences

From returning to the ‘days of the Raj’ on a steam train, to riding a traditional ‘bakki’ cart through green paddy fields; from re-discovering ancient ruins by foot to exploring 21 st century chaos in a tuk tuk – our experiences are exceptionally unforgettable.

Our box of treasures

Travelling the island in search of them, we add little treasures to our offering to bring you experiences like no other.  Always different, never the same, we don’t imitate; our approach is flexible, so your needs will always take priority.

Our strength

Diversity and personal touch – that’s what sets us apart. We cater to a wide spectrum in the global market from destination weddings, trekking, cricket, solo travel, to family tours; and we always make our guests a part of our family.

Our quest

We value creativity, quality, and attention to detail, so our dedicated and experienced team will be hands-on from the very first email or call. Their passion is to guide and advise you, to make your stay a wonderfully memorable one.


Paddy Paul

Nearly 30 years ago, I stepped into the world of tourism quite by chance. This gave me the great opportunity to travel around the globe and even work overseas.  In the process, began enjoying every minute of it.

In this competitive business you either blossom or wither with time.

I love people This is my forte….I yearn to go the extra mile to deliver peoples expectations.….I drag myself into situations that demand others needs to be met with success and satisfaction.

I enjoy creating new ideas and programmes, the more complicated, better the challenge…that’s what makes me tick and propels me into a MICE specialist

The passion for people, opened doors to share knowledge and here I am very involved in training, preparation of curriculum at a national level