The rough
And the smooth
The rough and the smooth

Leap into the unknown – if that’s your motto, Sri Lanka is an island of adventure brim-full of exciting possibilities both wild and mild, whether you take your dares on water, land, air or all three. The depths and the shallows of the surrounding ocean, a vast network of rivers and streams with rapids and waterfalls; sheer rock faces, mountain passes, hidden valleys, rainforests and scrub jungles, ancient caves – the list goes on.

For bone chilling thrills there’s white water rafting with rapids to suit your ability and courage, kayaking and canoeing at sea, rivers and lagoons; surfing, kite surfing and windsurfing if you would rather ride the waves. Explore the treasures beneath snorkelling, scuba and deep sea diving. Go Whale watching and get up close to the giants of the ocean. Take to the skies in a hot air balloon or try para-motoring, for more sedate aerial adventure settle for scenic flights over land and sea. Rock climbing, camping, caving, cycling and mountain biking, hiking and trekking awaits inland as well as safaris of many a kind – boat, jeep, elephant or tuk tuk, if you prefer your action sitting down. Fit in some sightseeing to chill out if and when you need to.

With so much packed into so little an island you can pick and choose your fun, or focus on your particular interests. Our Adventure Experience will be an escapade of a lifetime, whichever you decide.


You Must Explore

Kite surfing

With pristine beaches and the right kind of air currents, Kalpitiya – on the North Western coast is the place to head to if you are a serious Kite surfing fan. Other locations around the island – especially the South and East coasts, also offer plenty of options to get your thrills.

White water rafting

Whether you’re after some thrills or are an expert paddler the possibilities for white water rafting is never too far away. It is advisable to choose recommended, safe locations and certified tour operators who offer guides and equipment for hire. You can enjoy amazing wilderness sights along the way too.

Zip lining

The newest addition to the adventure list in Sri Lanka, trying out the ‘Flying Ravana’ Zip line at Ella is must do thrill. The breath-taking views as you glide across mountains are unforgettable. Kitulgala and Nuwara Eliya also offer less lengthy zip lining action, gliding over rapids and scenic mountains.


With warm ocean currents all year round, and rides which vary from gentle to quite dramatic Sri Lanka is dotted with great surfing locations. Whether you are an experienced surf addict or an absolute beginner wanting to try the waves there’s a time and place for you to catch them.


Sri Lanka offers great diving options for all: beginners, amateur enthusiasts and diving fanatics. Not only is the ocean rich with coral reefs and exotic marine life, the ethereal underwater landscape is dotted with intriguing ship wrecks. The best diving sites are located in the West, South and East coasts.

Deep Sea fishing

Surrounded by the ocean Sri Lanka offers plenty of deep seas to cast your lines from. You can hire specially fitted glass bottomed boats with equipment including safety gear supplied for you. The Western and Southern coasts are best from November to April; the East coast from May to September.