A River to return to

Exploring a Sri Lankan river
Overview of the tour
  • 4 Nights 5 days
  • Kandy – Sigiriya – Galle
  • 55 Pax
  • 5 Attractions visited
  • 9 Activities

Islands in the stream? That’s indeed what they are. From the tiniest – so small it’s called the ‘5 cents island’ to the largest, where a 600 year old Bo tree is still worshipped – they dot along this stream; a river in fact, that flows long, wide and proud to the welcoming arms of the sea. The wooden kayak glides along the gleaming green water, dappled by spots of sunlight filtering through the mangroves that arch overhead, thick and entwining. Within this tunnel, the light is dim – cathedral like, and awe inspiring too. So is the silence; only broken by the quiet swish of the oars and the occasional cry of a water hen. But the birds are there, still and vigilant. Enough species to thrill an avid birdwatcher. The mangroves give way to large trees and palms that droop down to let their leaves touch the water. Even in their shade, the light is dazzling; the heat burns. So, it is time to stop by the king coconut seller, who has cleverly set up his little makeshift stall on stilts. The boat pulls in; the tops of the golden orange coconuts are slashed deftly. The cool, soothing ‘Thambili’ water is best enjoyed tipped straight down a parched throat. There is nothing to match its wonderfully natural sweetness to quench a thirst – especially in the heat of the day. A small troop of monkeys stare at these strange activities with great interest from the safety of a rock – it is moments like these that stay imprinted in the mind, yearning to be repeated.